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In the Iberian Peninsula, cultivation of olive trees and extraction of the oil from their fruits began in the sixth century BC; or, at least, that is the date given by the oldest extant documents which speak of olive oil. 

To begin with, its uses were not culinary, but, thanks to its healthy qualities, medicinal and cosmetic. We do not see the land itself as something that we developed. However, as with most natural products, certain places have conditions that are exceptionally favourable to the production of superior quality olive oil. Therefore, our priority is to treat the crop as what it really is, a fruit; and  the care taken in cultivation, collection, transportation and processing into a pure olive juice, an extra virgin olive oil, has to be scrupulous and painstaking. This is what justifies its high value as a health food and necessary element of a balanced diet that maintains youth.

The variety of olives used – picual, hojiblanco, arbequina, etc. – determines the flavour and aroma of the olive oil.  Each one of these has many valuable qualities for the consumer, who, depending on taste and appreciation of olive oil, can choose one or the other. However strict the processes of cultivation and elaboration, there are other conditions in the areas where olives are grown that enhance their quality and therefore their flavour and intensity.

The best climatic, relief and water cycle conditions for olive growth occur at about nine hundred metres above sea level; exactly those present here, in our groves, in the surroundings of Alcalá la Real. This is the origin of our name and it is what makes our olive oil unique and different.

From the fruits collected in this environment – which have received the appropriate amount of sunshine, water and heat in each part of the year – we obtain an olive oil of exceptionally high quality from a nutritional point of view, because of its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and its satisfying and nutrient-absorbing effects; and also from a cosmetic point of view, because of its moisturising effects that keep the skin supple and moist and the body tissues young.

So, in addition to its flavour and aroma, the fact that our olive oil possesses all of these healthy properties makes daily enjoyment of our signature product,  ACEITE 900 TOP, a very good idea.

This fact is corroborated by the international prizes we have won in various countries since 2013, the details of which we will give later on. Moreover, the landscape that gives rise to our olive culture is irreplaceable. There is no other natural landscape in the world where you can enjoy an infinite view of perfectly ordered olive trees. The view stretches further and further over the surrounding mountains, but still the landscape continues and so do the olive trees, right up to the furthest summit. A visit here is not to be missed.

We seek to create extra virgin olive oil that does justice to such privieged and ideal conditions; and on that basis arises our wish to find ways to bring the qualities of our product to the rest of the world. Bringing our olive oil to different corners of the world gives the consumer – wherever he or she may be – the chance to try one of foods that is healthiest for the human body, in a version characterised by supremely high quality and taste. 

Without doubt this is a challenge, but to be able to enjoy ACEITE 900 TOP and not to share it with the rest of the world would be a comfortable yet inconsiderate position to take; inconsiderate of the palates of those who appreciate the authentic and genuine in the world of food.

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