Our Olive Groves

The quality of Novecientos results from all of the different kinds of care taken with the olives, from the trees to the table. That's why we give particular attention to the olives themselves. They're the beginning of a process that guarantees the flavour and intensity that we want in our olive oil.

What's different about our olive groves?

Our privileged situation, at nine hundred metres above sea level, is what enables us to produce an olive oil which is different. Our olive groves lie in the Sierra Sur de Jaén, in a climate which may surprise those who are used to the heat of Andalucía.

The low summer night temperatures allow the olives to mature slowly, bringing a unique and special aroma.

The strong winter frosts are a natural defence against all kinds of pests.

In these conditions, our trees give us a healthy fruit which arrives at the mill with all of its properties intact..

Besides the altitude, what else characterises our olive groves?

Our olive groves lie on steep slopes, which influences the method of cultivation. In many places, sophisticated machinery is unusable and work is done by hand. But whatever the methods of collection, the key factor is to get the olives to the mill within a few hours, where they can be processed naturally and immediately.

Our traditional olive groves, with large planting frames – that is, with a lot of space occupied by each single tree – allow each tree the maximum light and air, necessary for optimum maturation of its fruits.

And the farmers?

Without the clear conviction that the farmers' craft is what ultimately gives our olive oil its quality, none of the above would make sense. This conviction, together with the group of farmers who share it, results in an olive oil with extra quality and a unique, distinctive flavour.

We care for our trees in a way that respects the environment, using methods that promote the sustainability of our way of life.