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If you want to buy wholesale olive oil, we are oils and gourmet products distributors for shops, restaurants and catering industry sector. We offer great advantages to our buyers of olive oil, highlights the high quality of our products with the most competitive prices in the market. The oils sales in their different varieties is one of the sectors in expansion both in Spain and internationally, being a great opportunity to offer your customers something special and different.

With our range of products, you will bet on a company that is widely recognized in the olive oil sector, as it is shown by the numerous awards received, including: the Gold Medal at the International Olive Oil Contest held in New York in its 2013 and 2015 editions and the Great Taste Award in 2014 and 2016, as well as the Superior Test Award at the ITQI Brussels 2014. We also firmly bet for the maximum guarantee, best quality and our services and products marketing professionalism, making a difference within the distributors sector, mill, cooperative and olive oil suppliers in Spain.

Contact us to buy wholesale olive oil in our distributor area and we will offer the best conditions to adapt to your needs.






Buy wholesale olive oil in Spain



If you want your customers to taste the most exquisite and innovative gourmet products and olive oils, you should buy wholesale olive oils in our cooperative. We have special prices for restaurants and HORECA channel business so they can make their purchases. Thanks to the fact that olive oil price in our olive oil mill is cheaper than in any other retail store, you can save a large amount of money on your purchase.

In addition to buying wholesale olive oil with the mill price, you can buy other gourmet foods and related with olive oil products such as EVOO jellies, flavored EVOO or spheres. We can distribute and ship to any point in Spain including Ceuta, Melilla and the islands. We also have international distribution for orders outside the peninsula, including markets such as Europe, Asia or America. If you want to be our olive oil buyer at wholesale prices, contact us to offer our sales conditions.



Buy olive oil in bulk



Buying olive oil in bulk of the highest quality for the food sector and the HORECA CHANNEL is possible thanks to the incredible prices of our mill. The wholesale purchase of olive oil 900 allows you to receive the order in any of your Spanish or international facilities. If you are a company with facilities abroad, we can export our products there in the quantities you need them. Many years in the agricultural sector guarantee our professionalism as suppliers of olive oil in Spain and abroad.

You can buy olive oil in bulk packs of different liters and packaged according to your restaurant, local or customer needs with their price of origin.



Buy wholesale olive oil



More and more restaurants want to buy wholesale olive oil in this distributor. The incredible flavor nuances of our oils are the result of the effort, naturalness and passion with which our farmers manufacture this liquid gold. As manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in Spain of the best 900 olive oils, we are proud of the numerous distinctions that accompany our range of product.

Therefore if you need to buy olive oil wholesale with our cooperative you will serve your customers the best oil products that are distributed in the market.

 Olive oil suppliers in Spain 

Among the Spanish olive oil suppliers we have the best conditions as a wholesaler. Thanks to the quality of our products we offer a gourmet olive oil being a reference among the Spanish cooperatives when buying olive oils wholesale. You can find incredible food products like virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, EVOO jellies and olives ready to be distributed. In fact, the incredible properties associated with olive oil, have made it essential in other sectors beyond food, such as cosmetics, energy or as a lubricant.

Distributor of olive oils

Our olive oils wholesale distributor has its roots in the Andalusian agricultural essence. That characteristic flavor that emanates the freshness of the Spanish land is typical of our distributed oils. Buy olive oil wholesale in our online store with prices of oil mill.

Por ello si necesitas aceite de oliva comprar por mayor con nuestra cooperativa servirás a tus clientes los mejores productos aceiteros que se distribuyen en el mercado.



Proveedores de aceite de oliva en España



Entre los proveedores de aceite de oliva españoles nosotros contamos con las mejores condiciones como mayorista. Gracias a la calidad de nuestros productos ofrecemos un óleo gourmet siendo un referente entre las cooperativas españolas a la hora de comprar aceites oliva al por mayor. Podrás encontrar increíbles productos alimentarios como aceite virgen, aceite extravirgen, jaleas y aceitunas listos para ser distribuidos. De hecho las increíble propiedades de esta sustancia la han hecho imprescindible en otros sectores más allá del alimentario, como el cosmético, el energético o como lubricante.



Distribuidora de aceites de oliva



Nuestra distribuidora de aceites de oliva al por mayor tiene sus raíces en la esencia agrícola andaluza. Ese sabor característico que emana el frescor de la tierra española es propio de nuestros oleos distribuidos. Compre aceite de oliva al por mayor en nuestra tienda online con precios de almazara.






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